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Wills and Tax Planning 

  • A Will is a legal document in which a person sets out who shall inherit their assets upon their death. If you do not make a Will, the law will dictate who inherits your assets, meaning that your estate may not pass the way you want. Making a Will means that you can choose who will inherit your assets should anything happen to yourself or your partner.
  • At James E Baird Solicitor we have the expertise to ensure your Will says exactly what you want it to, meaning that you can avoid the pitfalls, blunders and mistakes created through home-made Wills and unregulated Will writers. We can offer expert advice as to the drafting and execution of Wills enabling you to choose who will inherit your assets.
  • James Baird offers expert Tax Planning advice, reducing the Inheritance Tax liability of your estate.

Probate and Estate Administration 

  • After a person dies leaving a Will, Probate is the complex legal process through which the Will of the deceased is proven, so that the estate of the deceased can be administered and distributed to the Beneficiaries.
  • If an individual dies without leaving a Will or to coin the legal phrase ‘intestate’ then it is necessary to obtain a Grant of Letters of Administration. After obtaining this grant the estate can be administered.
  • Probate and Estate Administration is a time consuming, and legally complicated process. If you are the Personal Representative of a deceased individual the consequences of making an error are disastrous.
  • At James E Baird Solicitor we deliver a sympathetic professional service and are a safe pair of hands for your deceased friend or relative’s estate. James Baird is a Solicitor with over 30 years experience of Estates Law and will obtain the Grant of Probate or Grant of Letters of Administration for the deceased’s estate, and administrate the Estate. By using James E Baird Solicitor we will remove this great burden from your shoulders during this difficult time.


  • James Baird can also advise you in the creation of a Trust, whether it be within your lifetime or in a Will. A Trust is a legal device through which you pass on your estate to named Beneficiaries, via trustee(s). At James E Baird Solicitor we will advise you and create a Trust that suits your needs perfectly.

Powers of Attorney 

  • A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document that enables you to appoint somebody you trust (your attorney) to help make decisions for you, if you are unable to make decisions for yourself.
  • There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney in Existence: Property and Financial Affairs, Health and Wellbeing. Drawing up a Lasting Power of Attorney is an important step to unsure the correct decisions are made for you, should you find yourself unable to make decisions for yourself due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • At James E Baird Solicitor we can advise you with regards Power of Attorney, and draw LPA the document up for you. James Baird is an expert Estate Law Solicitor, and will provide you with sound advice with regards to which form of LPA is correct for you and/or your partner.